Located behind the Regions Centre and adjoining the Merrill Lynch Centre, our 14-story parking garage is the largest of its kind built in the state of Missouri. With 2,500 spaces (including fully covered floors), tenants and visitors have ample parking.

Parking can be purchased on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.

Please note that parking fees cannot be prorated or refunded.


The form is an editable Word document, that you can fill out, sign, and return to the Crest Management office.


How much does it cost to park?

There are several payment options for parking in the garage.

Monthly Cardholders:
$90 per month non-reserved
$130 per month reserved*

*Please contact Crest Management for space availability.

Public Parkers:
$3 per hour
$20 per day maximum

How do I register for monthly parking?
Please be sure to read the garage policies and procedures before registration. You may register by visiting our office, completing the online form to the right, or filling out and returning this (printable) form. Once the management office has received your signed form, you can pick up your parking card any time that the office is open.
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What are the garage policies and procedures?

New Cards - A $30 non-refundable activation fee is required in addition to the monthly fee for all new cards, payment is due at the time the card is issued. 

Monthly fees – All monthly fees are due by the 1st of the month.  Cards will be de-activated on the 1st if payment is not received.  No notice will be given prior to deactivating any parking card.

Monthly billings – You must notify the management office by the 25th of the month prior to the next billing period of any changes regarding your account.  No refunds for parking will be given after the first of the month.

Re-activation – There is a $10 fee in addition to the monthly fee to re-activate any card de-activated due to late payment.  Cards will not be re-instated until payment has been received.

Lost cards - A $30 non-refundable activation fee will be charged to replace a lost parking card, payable at the time the new card is issued. 

Pro-rated fees – No fees are refunded or pro-rated for vacating use of the parking agreement prior to the paid–in full date. 

Damaged cards – No fees are charged to replace damaged or malfunctioning cards.  Please return damaged card to Crest for replacement.

Damaged gate fees – A fee of $45 or more will be charged for any gate damaged due to negligence.  This fee is due immediately by the driver of the vehicle and will not be invoiced to that person or any company.

Improper parking fees – Vehicles parked improperly are subject to immediate tow or wheel lock.  Crest Management will attempt to contact all registered vehicle owners prior to enforcing this policy.  All non-registered vehicles will be subject to immediate action.  The following is a list of violations:  1) parking in traffic lane and/or a not a parking space, 2) parking in a handicap zone w/out proper I.D., 3) parking over space line and/or occupying two spaces, 4) unauthorized parking in a loading zone/along walls, 5) parking in a No Parking Zone, 6) parking in a reserved space, and or other violation hindering business or causing a safety hazard, 7) No Storage of Vehicles More that 48-Hours w/out prior permission by Crest Management.

Card usage – The cards work on an “anti pass back system”, therefore you will always need to swipe your card at the reader regardless of the gate position.

How can I request an overnight garage stay?

Crest Management attempts to accommodate all parkers for their approved use of the garage; however, there have been several recent occurrences of unauthorized cars parking in the garage for long periods of time.

Cars parked overnight or longer in the garage are subject to tow or booting, with all costs and penalties paid by the owner of the car.

Security personnel inventory cars nightly. Authorized tenants should confirm that Crest Management has current information for each car assigned to their parking card, i.e. license plate, color, make, and model.

Those tenants authorized to park in the garage can request an extended stay through Crest Management by filling out the form below, or by calling our office at 314-854-8333.

Cars that are not registered with Crest Management are subject to boot or tow.

Crest Management reserves the right to require the contact information for someone who is able to move the vehicle in case of emergency.

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